Durgău Salty Lakes

Durgău Salty Lakes completes the mix of health and relaxation offered by Turda Salt Mine. An alternative balneary and leisure, both on holidays and on hot summer days.

For the family, friends, at any age, Durgău Salty Lakes is a welcome option all those who want to be healthier by resorting to natural remedies.

The beginnings of the balneary treatment in Turda date from 1840, when doctor Iosif Hanko lays the foundations of the Băile Sărate Turda resort by developing the Roman lake. The Durgău lakes have been used since the 9th century for balneo- and trial- based therapy, with minimal amenities. Chlorosodium mineral waters have been used to treat rheumatic diseases, peripheral circulation disorders, and gynaecological conditions.

Durgău Salty Lakes – lake no. 4 (Ocnei lake), in 1927

The high content of sodium chloride (kitchen salt) in the water of the lakes (10% at the surface, 28% at 30 m depth) makes the phenomenon of heliothermia very intense. The development of the Ocnei and Rotund lakes in Durgău was a first step towards the complex exploitation of the therapeutic potential of the area.

With a long-standing tradition, in the summer time, mineralized lakes formed on old salt exploitation sites offer tourists a wonderful place of recreation and relaxation in a natural setting. For added comfort, sandy beaches, wooden docks, showers, and a bar with terrace have been set up.

Durgău Salty Lakes Rates

Category Ticket cost / pers. 7 day subscription Rate after 17:00 (Monday-Thursday)
Adults 25 lei 150 lei 15 lei
Children, students 15 lei 90 lei 10 lei
Retirees 15 lei 90 lei
Children under 3 years
Free of charge
  • Children, pupils and students will provide proof with a valid ID card/ student card
  • Retirees will present the pension coupon

Durgău Salty Lakes Rates

  • Children, pupils and students will provide proof with a valid ID card/ student card
  • Retirees will present the pension coupon


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Why is Turda Salt Mine spectacular?

  • Turda Salt Mine is a unique place in the world.
  • You experience unique moments through the magical underground galleries.
  • Turda Salt Mine is a natural source of health and good luck.

Dragi vizitatori,

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Dear visitors,

during the Easter Holiday, between the 26th of April - 12 of May 2024, Turda Salt Mine will be open daily, from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm, with the last access
in the underground at 5.00 pm.
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