Didactic Swimming Pool

Sports and health throughout the year at Turda Didactic Swimming Pool.

Sports, and especially swimming, bring many benefits to the body and the state of well-being.

Here are just a few of the benefits of swimming:

  • swimming tones the entire muscular system;
  • it increases the heart rate and strengthens the cardiovascular system;
  • it is one of the sports that burn the most calories;
  • it helps reduce pain or improve recovery after injury;
  • it contributes to the improvement of sleep;
  • it eliminates the stress accumulated during the day;
  • it is recommended for future mothers and children for a harmonious development.

Turda Didactic swimming pool

Turda Didactic swimming pool offers an optimal setting for health and a pleasant leisure time for the whole family:

Basin dimensions: length: 25 m, width: 12.5 m, water depth: 1.2 m–1.8 m;

Capacity: 60 persons; 5 lanes, provided with starting blocks;

Water temperature: 26–28 degrees C;

Air temperature: 30–32 degrees C.

We organize swimming courses – pre-beginners, beginners, intermediate, and advanced, for children and adults.

You can contact us for more information here:

Address: Strada Stadionului 6, located 50 m after the Municipal Stadium
Phone: 0364-100.102

Costs charged by Turda Didactic swimming pool

Entrance fees:

  • adult entrance fee – 15 RON/session;
  • entrance fee for children, pupils, students – 6 RON/session;
  • for subscriptions, you benefit from two FREE entrances!
  • adult subscription – 150 RON/12 sessions;
  • subscription for children, pupils, students – 60 RON/12

Swimming lessons with the swimming pool instructors:

  • adult swimming course – 25 RON/session/hour;
  • swimming course for children, pupils, students – 16 RON/session/hour;
  • for subscriptions, you benefit from two FREE sessions with an instructor!
  • adult subscription – 250 RON/12 sessions;
  • subscription for children, pupils, students – 160 RON/12

A session is two hours for clients who are not taking swimming lessons, and exceeding it is 3 RON/30 minutes.

  • lane rental – 50 RON/hour;
  • pool rental – 400 RON/two hours;
  • pool rental – 1,000 RON/day.
  • contest participation fee – 10 RON/event;
  • losing the bracelet – 50

We organize swimming lessons: pre-beginners, beginners, intermediate, and advanced for children and adults!

Children’s enrolment for swimming lessons: from the age of 5!


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Why is Turda Salt Mine spectacular?

  • Turda Salt Mine is a unique place in the world.
  • You experience unique moments through the magical underground galleries.
  • Turda Salt Mine is a natural source of health and good luck.