Tureni Gorge

Another Nature Reserve, close to Turda Gorge, just 12 km from Turda, Tureni Gorge impresses us with its wildness and naturalness. Tureni Gorge has an area of approximately 25 hectares and a length of about 2 km. Its formation is due to the Valea Racilor River, which penetrated the limestones from the north side of the area.

The earliest traces of human habitation in Tureni Gorge date back to the 5th millennium BC. Other discoveries date from the final period of the Neolithic era and the Bronze Age. From the Dacian and Roman times, a small dwelling from the 1st century BC–1st century AD, as well as several observation posts in connection with Potaissa Roman Castrum were discovered.

Tureni Gorge

On Poderei Terrace, there were found traces of habitation dating back to the final period of Romanian ethnogenesis and early feudalism (5th–12th centuries). In the caves of Tureni Gorge have been discovered vestiges proving seasonal dwelling since ancient times.

The high walls reach up to 150 m and are adorned with various karst formations: waterfalls, marbles, and caves.In Tureni Gorge, there are 29 caves altogether, among them the Silex ‘Flint’ Cave (64-m long), “ The Cave Under the Scree” (27,5 m), the Vultures’ Cave, Șura Mică (Small Barn). The main tourist attractions are Colțul Câinilor (Dogs’ Corner) and Stâna Crinilor (Sheepfold of Lillies).

Going through Tureni Gorge is quite easy; the route can be completed in 2-3 hours, round trip.

Therefore, we invite you to recharge yourself with the pure and spectacular nature of Tureni Gorge.


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