Joseph Mine – Echo Chamber

Joseph Mine still guards its secret.

The galleries through salt take you to Joseph Mine, a conical shaped mine that descends 115 meters deep from the surface and with a diameter of 67 m at the base. The name it bears honours Emperor Joseph II.

You can see it only through the balconies dug in salt, located at the level of the transport gallery. This mine is under construction now in order to be included in the visiting circuit for tourists.

At the same time, the name of the “Echo Chamber” comes from the strong reverberation of the sound due to the shape of the room, and the lack of major communications with other mining works. Sounds are repeated up to 20 times.

Iosif Mine – Echo Hall

A description of Joseph Mine from 1853 goes like this: “… the first salt mine where you descend into a basket, with ropes, can have a depth of 50 fathoms. It has a shape perfectly similar to a sugarloaf, which at its mouth is lined with wood up to a point and below it begins to open and continues to expand until the bell lays on the smooth sole of the salt, with a diameter of about 30 fathoms” (Hetilap 1853).

The Legend is alive, there, in the depths.


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Why is Turda Salt Mine spectacular?

  • Turda Salt Mine is a unique place in the world.
  • You experience unique moments through the magical underground galleries.
  • Turda Salt Mine is a natural source of health and good luck.