Gisela Stationary Mine

The story of the salt extraction process continues in Gisela Mine. For the salt transport between Gisela Mine and Franz Joseph Transport Gallery, two technical rooms were excavated, one to house the “crivac” and the other one located at the top ramp of the extraction shaft.

Later, in 1992, when Turda Salt Mine opened its doors to the curious visitors, these two rooms were merged, leading to the formation of the “Stationary” room for balneary treatments.

Stationary Mine Gisela


Salt means health, healing. A haven for those looking for an oasis of health. Salt therapy is beneficial for young and old as an alternative, as well as complementary method of prevention and treatment for various conditions.

Discover how you can recharge with health, from the depths.


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Why is Turda Salt Mine spectacular?

  • Turda Salt Mine is a unique place in the world.
  • You experience unique moments through the magical underground galleries.
  • Turda Salt Mine is a natural source of health and good luck.